Onda Origins

Onda Origins is a Seattle-based coffee roasting and sourcing company that's building a new way of doing business through blockchain and virtual reality to upend the global coffee market with the goal of connecting coffee growers and drinkers so together we can make coffee more sustainable. 

Onda shares revenue from every purchase directly with the growers, so every cup supports higher wages, better coffee, and a healthier planet. 

The Problem

Growers are the ones responsible for the quality and sustainability of the coffee, but the price they are paid for it is unsustainable.Most of coffee’s flavor is set by the time it leaves the farm. And it’s the growers who put in the work to uphold the values we care about, whether it’s protecting workers’ rights or farming in ways that support the environment. Meanwhile, the price of coffee paid to farmers is the same as it was in the 1970's, while the average price for a cup of coffee in the US has increased by 500%. In many cases, growers are not even covering their costs of production.

Our Approach

We redesigned the value chain so that your daily cup of coffee lets you partner with the farmer who grew it.When you buy coffee from our growers, your purchase sends them a bonus that’s 12x more than Fair Trade, which helps bring you and your grower’s shared values to life. When farmers have the resources they need, they can make better decisions for coffee that’s better tasting and better for the planet.

Who We Are

We’re a team of coffee and social impact enthusiastswho believe coffee quality and sustainability are connected and mutually reinforcing. We are inspired by our growers and know that sustainability starts with them. And at the end of the day, our goal is to help more people make easy choices that do good, like enjoying a great cup of coffee that rewards growers who support their communities and environment. Join us. We’ll grow better together.