**NEW** Columbia // Lopez Papayan

**NEW** Columbia // Lopez Papayan

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Producer: Cafe Occidente Cooperative

Elevation: 1,900 masl

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Light-Medium 

Tasting NotesNotes: Pineapple, Cherry Pie


Notes from the Roaster

Bright, and the right amount of acid, this Colombian coffee from the Cooperative of Cafe Occidente has something for the adventurous coffee drinker! Through the help of the co-op, smaller farms are able to sell crops and avoid spending the small overhead they have on transport and grading coffee. Getting coffee onto an international market is no easy task and the cooperative helps get farmers paid for their hard work.

The 19 volcanoes in Colombia have provided the nutrients needed to produce high scoring coffee and impart a distinct terroir into the beans. With notes of Pineapple and Cherry Pie, we've roasted it to medium-light to keep the brighter tones in tact.