**NEW** Guatemala // Miramundo

**NEW** Guatemala // Miramundo

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Producer: Javier Fernandez (owner), Luis Pedro (manager) 

Region: Pueblo Nuevo Vinas near Tecuamburro

Elevation: 1500-1700 masl

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai and Venecia

Process: Washed

Notes: Brown Sugar, Tropical Fruit

Roast Level: Light to almost Medium


Notes from the Roaster

Miramundo is a labor of love--owned by Javier Fernandez and managed by Luis Pedro, the coffee shrubs grow between 1500-1700 meters in the notable volcanic soil of the Pueblo Nuevo Vinas region near Tecuamburro. Miramundo's remote and rustic locale means that the bourbon, caturra, catuai and venecia varieties that comprise the farm must be transported to the neighboring Santa Ana wet mill for the first stage of processing. From there, they travel again to Luis Pedro's dry mill, Bella Vista, for parchment removal and careful density and color sorting. Luis Pedro is one of the most revered and respected producers and exporters in Guatemala and he tends the Miramundo shrubs like beloved house plants--pruning, shaping, ensuring proper light, shade and nutrients.

The custard and the velvet are here. Figs, dried cherries and candied oranges too, in a remarkably clean, sweet cup. Tecuamburro's soil shows itself in a certain density and depth and there's fruit leather in the sweet finish.