**NEW** Lights on Jackson

**NEW** Lights on Jackson

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Process: Natural

Elevation: 1200+masl

Region: La Esmeralda, Jinotega

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Marseillesa

Roast Level: Light-Medium 

Tasting Notes: Spiced Cider, Berry Cobbler


Notes from the Roaster 

The Holiday season is upon us!

We’re doing something special for our Lights on Jackson holiday coffee this year. While we weren't able to bring back our coveted Myanmar this year due to political instability in the region, we're thrilled to release *TWO* very special coffees for this upcoming holiday season. First, in November, to celebrate the fall colors, change of the seasons, and cozy feelings of the darker days and cooler weather, we are featuring this delicious natural coffee from Nicaragua, full of juicy apple tones, caramel and toffee sweetness, and a hint of boozy winter treats. 

This coffee comes from the Red Cherry project, which works in tandem with LIFT to improve the sustainability of their farms, improve quality, and increase yield to create a better product. The product is then purchased directly from the producer at a high price.