**NEW** Rwanda Musasa

**NEW** Rwanda Musasa

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Producer: Dukunde Kawa Cooperative

Elevation: 1800-2200

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Drinking Chocolate

From the Roaster: 

Musasa, located in the Gakenke region of Rwanda near Gorilla habitat in a unique microclimate, is home to the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative. The cooperative was founded in 2000 with only 300 members who pooled their resources to buy their first wet mill. They now have over 2,000 coffee growers and multiple wet and dry mills. 80% of their workforce is women, and they have won sustainability awards for their work in shade grown coffee and restorative replanting.

We are very excited to offer this coffee and support this incredible cooperative. This natural coffee is pre-cleaned and sorted by density before going through a Pinhalense machine that separates out the lighter cherries. The rest are laid out to dry on raised beds for 20-30 days which allows the sugars of the fruit to transfer to the bean.