About Foxbloom

I launched Foxbloom Coffee with the vision of connecting my community with the many vibrant local coffee roasters I have come to admire over the years. I chose to partner with roasters that have been forging transparent, sustainable, and equitable supply chains, who treat their people with integrity, and roast delicious coffee. The idea is: let me take you on a curated tour around my favorite coffee roasters while you enjoy and learn about coffee.                      

I have been living in Seattle for a decade and am still in awe of the rich coffee culture we’re surrounded by and the incredible humans who push to maintain originality and integrity in our coffee community. These folks show us that the word “specialty” does not need to be grandiose; speciality coffee can simply be coffee sourced and shared with intention.

I was drawn to specialty coffee over 15 years ago, when I first experienced its power: the ways it could harness dynamic and complex flavors while connecting humanity so intimately. I loved looking for the fruity, the floral, the sweet, spicy and nutty in each sip, but none of that mattered as much as its galvanizing power bringing community together.

When we started feeling the impact of COVID-19, I wanted to come up with a simple way to support and promote our independent specialty coffee scene and most importantly, get to know the talented humans behind each brand.

Foxbloom Coffee was born out of my desire to partner and collaborate with roasters who share similar values to my own around community and ethical/sustainable sourcing while celebrating the many people along the supply chain who make our morning cup of coffee possible. I want to highlight their unique flavors, stories, dive into culturally relevant conversations, and even explore exciting brewing recipes. I am curious to learn more: what draws you to coffee? how do you share coffee with your families? what are your approaches to sourcing/roasting? how are your values reflected across the supply chain, your sales and barista team?

I hope to celebrate and support community-driven, quality-focused, and values-inspired business ventures. I hope to offer an engaging platform that nurtures curiosity, invites exploration, and encourages connection. I hope for Foxbloom Coffee to be a medium that connects coffee lovers with social impact oriented roasters while empowering intentional coffee consumption.

Maria Colantino